Introducing our Branded Fertilizer Line



The REDSTAR Fertilizer product line starts with an exclusive offering of high quality, low-salt liquid starter fertilizers. All products in this line contain 80% orthophosphate and 20% polyphosphate, and are designed to be seed safe for in-furrow placement or 2x2 banding. These products are also chloride-free, 100% water soluble, and feature a near neutral pH. The STAR-ter products are compatible with most herbicides, insecticides, and fungicides as well as EDTA chelated micronutrients, including the MicroSTAR micronutrient blend from RMS.

*All REDSTAR Products are Seed Safe, Trouble Free and Non-Staining

Helping you reach your yield goals

 A properly crafted fertility program leads to the success of your crop today, tomorrow and in the future. Including REDSTAR Fertilizer in your program will ensure your crop has the nutrients needed to reach its full potential. REDSTAR low-salt starters are the best choice for maximizing yield due to various benefits.


MaxxumStar 10-20-2 W/ MicroSTAR micronutrient blend

MaxxumStar 10-20-2 W/ MicroSTAR micronutrient blend

MaxxumStar 10-20-2 W/ MicroSTAR micronutrient blend

MaxxumSTAR features a high nitrogen and low potassium analysis, paired with MicroSTAR technology. This fully loaded product provides a powerhouse of nutrient availability. MaxxumSTAR is ideal for application on heavily manured ground or environments susceptible to nutrient tie-up.

TitanSTAR 6-25-5

MaxxumStar 10-20-2 W/ MicroSTAR micronutrient blend

MaxxumStar 10-20-2 W/ MicroSTAR micronutrient blend

 TitanSTAR features the highest phosphorus level along with an increased potassium content making it ideal for quick, even emergence and response in cooler soils. 

AllSTAR 8-23-3

OptumSTAR 10-15-10

OptumSTAR 10-15-10

AllSTAR is an all-purpose liquid starter fertilizer. AllSTAR is ideal for a variety of situations and crops where a bit more nitrogen is desired and additional potassium may not be necessary.

OptumSTAR 10-15-10

OptumSTAR 10-15-10

OptumSTAR 10-15-10

OptumSTAR features a balance of high nitrogen and potassium levels allowing for an extended window of nutrient uptake in less than ideal soil conditions.

The Power of Micronutrients


Is it your goal to improve fertilizer efficiency?

Essential crop functions are dependent on complex interactions between NPK and micronutrients. Micronutrients are vital to producing healthy crops and sustaining soils. Micronutrients from REDSTAR can be blended with liquid fertilizer to help correct and prevent micronutrient deficiencies. These products are compatible with many pesticides. 


Other EDTA Micronutrients Available

  • Calcium 3%
  • Copper 7.5%
  • Iron 4.5%
  • Magnesium 2.5%
  • Manganese 6%
  • Zinc 9%
  • Boron 10%


Foliar application of REDSTAR low-salt fertilizers is a highly efficient and timely method of applying plant nutrients. Apply a foliar fertilizer prior to stressful plant stages on corn, soybeans, small grains or other crops. This application will help to stimulate rapid growth, promote larger kernels in corn, reduce flower and pod abortion in soybeans, and increase tillering in small grains.  You may also consider applying a foliar fertilizer when your crop is experiencing nutrient deficiencies, inclement weather, disease, or insect attacks.


ELEVATE 20-0-7-5 w/Proprietary Blends

Elevate is a non-burning, slow release nitrogen based foliar fertilizer. ELEVATE features the benefits of foliar nitrogen, sulfur, potassium, and micronutrients. It is ideal for corn, soybeans, wheat, and alfalfa. ELEVATE is designed to mix with herbicides and applied 1-2 times a season or as needed. Perform a jar test to ensure compatibility.


Other Options

  • Quinn
  • KTS
  • K-Star
  • Summer Solution
  • ATS

High Quality, Economical Option

Conventional fertilizers like 10-34-0 and 8-20-5-0.5 are offered to farmers as an economical option for their plant nutritional needs. These products feature higher polyphosphate content. Conventional blends can be placed near the seed bed to help plants achieve early growth. These products are not recommended for in-furrow placement.


NEW 2020 REDSTAR Product Catalog

2020 REDSTAR Catalog (pdf)