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Every field is unique, every season is different and you know all too well that Mother Nature can be full of surprises. That’s why you need hybrids and varieties bred tough and properly placed to give you the best chance of seeing the yield monitor hit a number you need. Rooted in genetics, agronomy and service, Golden Harvest is working hard to deliver high-yielding seed. Because your success is our success.

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At DEKALB®, we focus our energies on doing all we can to move your corn expectations forward by improving performance no matter the challenge. That mission has made us an industry leader for over 100 years. You can use this site to explore our commitment to innovation, where we're heading and the many ways we help you achieve the yield performance you demand from your acres.

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If you're looking for higher yield and greater soybean insights, you've come to the right place. For over 40 years, Asgrow has been committed to helping farmers get the most consistent performance from their soybean acres through innovations in seed and high-yield practices. You can find those details on this site along with the latest products, practices, tips and beneficial agronomic insights. 

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At LG Seeds, from our scientists in the lab to our agronomists and dealers in the field, we take a team approach to maximize your success from field to yield. Every day, we roll up our sleeves and get down to business with you — the business of helping you grow.

AgReliant’s research program ranks among the top five in the United States, guaranteeing that we’re always on the leading edge of hybrid development. Advanced techniques — like doubled haploid breeding — let us develop new inbred lines in half the time of traditional breeding for quicker release of new traits and truly pure, uniform genetics.

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 We’re committed to helping you advance your fields. We don’t want you to just reach your goals; we want you to exceed them. It’s why we’re one of the few companies in the world to develop both genetics and traits. It’s why we have more than 30 trait and seed innovations and more than 1 million test plots. We don’t just talk about making your yield better — we help you make it happen. 


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