Welcome to RMS, LLC

Welcome to RMS, LLC

Welcome to RMS, LLCWelcome to RMS, LLCWelcome to RMS, LLC

About RMS

RMS is a Seed, Fertilizer, Chemical and Service business located in Leigh, Nebraksa.

The RMS Mission: Serving, Providing and Building

We are committed to serving our agricultural producers while leading them in their crop production plans throughout the growing cycle. We strive to provide quality tested and high performance products that meet or exceed our customers needs and expectations. Our greatest intent is building lasting relationships with our customers-our most valuable asset.


 • To Serve you effectively throughout the entire growing cycle: Pre-Season, Planting, Harvest, & After Harvest

• To Provide you with proven, quality, and high performance products that fit your farm’s needs

• To Build lasting relationships with all our customers, by providing around the clock, excellent customer service: GUARANTEED  

Products We Stand Behind


New Brands



Chemicals and Adjuvants


When your in need of chemical support for your field operations, whether it's soybeans, corn or other row crops, this is the best place to start. Get started on the right path for better field production, profit and protection. Let the REDSTAR Adjuvant line help your chemicals work harder.



REDSTAR Fertilizer line, Powered by RMS, LLC includes liquid starter, foliar fertilizers, micronutrients, and more. All products in the REDSTAR line-up were specifically created to provide area farmer with the right fertilizers for their fields and growing conditions. 

Precision Farming


It's time to put your data to use and grow more precisely. When it comes to precision agriculture, technology often takes the spotlight, but FarmersEdge sees it differently. With unbeatable support, industry leading VRT and an all in one farm management approach they have done the heavy lifting for you. Let RMS help you decide which level of precision ag fits your farm the best.  

Services Offered

Crop Consulting

From questions on soil fertility, pest and weed management, to seed selection and technology advances, RMS can help deliver a bigger bottom line. By building a relationship with RMS, we can help you make the right decision for your farm.

Soil Sampling & Tissue Testing

Test results provide you with soil nutrient levels and fertilizer recommendations when needed. Once you have applied something to your field you can't take it back. So when it comes to determining your soil constraints and fertilizer requirements, guesswork can waste money and valuable time, or even create another pronblem.

Planter Set-Up

Did you know RMS does planter set-up on all makes and models? On-site with our custom manifold and pump stands. Various options available to monitor and control flow.

Precision Farming

Looking for a tool to map your irrigated and non irrigated corners for insurance? RMS has the tools to handle that and all your other precision farming needs.

Seed Treatment

Offering custom seed treatment of soybeans. With a state of the art facility and treater, we are capable of providing the best application and treatment available.

Seed and Fertilizer Delivery

Delivering seed and fertilizer to your farm or field. Seed trailers and fertilizer tanks available.

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48303 115th Ave Leigh, NE 68643

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